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In order to gain your Full Driving Licence, you need to pass your Theory Test before applying for your Practical Test.


The whole exam is done on a touch-screen computer and you must pass both parts of the test to gain your Theory Certificate!


The first part of The Theory Test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions; you must get 43 questions correct in order to pass this part of the test.


This is then followed by the Hazard Perception Test, which shows you 14 video clips that are approximately one minute long each.



You simply have to touch the screen when you recognise the hazards. Points are scored by the speed in which you react to these hazards!


You must remember to take both parts of your licence with you to the theory test centre or you will unable to take the test.




The theory test was changed on the 3rd September 2007 to include 50 questions (with a pass mark of 43), instead of the previous 35.


The Theory Test for the Car and Bike Categories will also change in cost to £28.80 from September 2007.


You can practice your theory test by taking mock exams.


To access some current mock papers please click here

To book your theory test please click here


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